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Blush Suede BodyCon Dress

In this photoshoot I brought in a new photographer. He did such an amazing job that I will more than likely be posting many outfit photos on this blog again. I hope you guys are excited for that!. If you are new and you’re reading this please make sure to subscribe to my blog via


My Everyday Makeup Tutorial 2017

    Welcome back loves! Today I am showing you my Everyday Makeup Tutorial for 2017 ! I dont normally stick to routines. Especially when it comes to makeup. But I love this makeup look so much that I have been wearing so often. I guess we can say I finally adapted to some kind of


Equipment To Film Youtube Videos

Sony a6000 – This camera is amazing for video however you have to learn how to use the Manual setting if you want the best results. At the end of this post I will list what I like to change and use for my settings and how it works. 16-50 E-Mount Lens – This lens comes


Easy Elegant Outfit Idea

Am I the only one that gets extremely excited to find cute places like the setting I found for these photos? I went out shooting photos today mainly to spend the day with my good friend Rosy but also because we are both fashion enthusiasts that love photography. For todays outfit of the day I

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