Equipment To Film Youtube Videos

January 10th, 2017 by

  1. Sony a6000 – This camera is amazing for video however you have to learn how to use the Manual setting if you want the best results. At the end of this post I will list what I like to change and use for my settings and how it works.
  2. 16-50 E-Mount Lens This lens comes with the camera however you can buy it separately if you want. I am planning on upgrading to a sigma lens soon which is 1.8 instead of 3.5 aperture.
  3. Amazon Soft Boxes – I’m not even sure the brand name but I will link the excact ones I purchased off amazon for under $100.
  4. Diva SuperNova Ring light – now this baby, I actually dropped some cash on. I think I paid a little over $250. but it was totally worth every single penny as this light is great for night time video shooting and for HD photos.
  5. 64GB Ultra Plus SD – I highly recommend to get an ultra plus with 40/80MB/s if you are using a DSLR. This will ensure that your videos don’t randomly stop recording and so you dont get corrupt files or missing footage. I used a 32 GB for a long time and it woukd run out of memory very fast. So I recommend 64GB+.
  6. Insignia 19″ TV – I use this as a view finder for this camera since the view finder on it only tilts slightly up and down ( used for outdoor photoshooting). I love using a larger view finder anyway and I wish I would have done this a long time ago, even with cameras that have a view finder that flips out.
  7. Small HDMI Cord – You will need this to connect your camera to the TV. I recommend to get one that has a 6ft cord or longer for convenience purposes.
  8. Sunpak 6000PG Tripod – this tripod I will admit, is not the best out there. I am in search of one that is a bit more sturdy. But for a beginner it does the Job.
  9. 27″ iMAC i5 8GB – this computer has proven to be quick at saving and rendering 1080p quality videos. However if you are looking into 4k.. I would pass on it and get something stronger. This is the computer I personally use and love though. The editing software I use is adobe premiere.
  10. Adobe Photoshop – what I use to edit my thumbnails (you may also use picmonkey if you want a free alternative)
  11. Adobe premiere pro – editing software for video

My Camera Settings:

Mode: Manual (the M on the dial)

Drive Mode: Single Shooting

Flash Mode: Fill- Flash

Flash Comp: +0.0

Focus Mode: Continuos Auto Focus

Focus Area: Wide

ISO: this I change depending on the lighting at the moment. The higher the number, the brighter it will make your video. If you are too scared to mess with this setting just choose “auto” however I find that messing with this setting helps the video quality a lot.

Metering Mode: Multi

White Balance: Auto White Balance or AWB

Dro/Auto HDR: Auto

Creative style: Light

F-Stop: always have it at 3.5 (This will blur the background better and work better in low light settings)

Below are some wishlist equipment that you guys might want to look into.


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